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35 Micron Monofilament Production


With our strong background in fluoropolymer monofilament extrusion technology, at Epic Polymer Solutions we have the expertise to engineer pioneering solutions to challenging applications. We produced the 35µ PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) filament highlighted here for a high purity filtration application used in semiconductor manufacturing. This project represents one of the smallest PFA monofilaments ever produced.

When we evaluated this project, we realized that it would require some creative ingenuity on our part to devise a strategy for extruding and winding such thin fiber. We designed and machined a low volume spinnerette, which is the multi-pored device used to manufacture extruded fibers, and constructed it from Hastelloy to withstand high melt temperatures without any risk of corrosion. Using Daikin AP-211SH, an ultra pure, semiconductor-grade PFA compound, we extruded the fibers and traverse wound them on to a specialized zero tension bi-conical take up spool that we had designed, built, and programmed to accommodate the small size of this fiber. We used a high speed laser micrometer to monitor the extrusion process and verify that the fibers were accurate to within ±2µ. Subsequent quality assurance processes included tensile, elongation, and dry shrinkage testing.

The client was extremely satisfied, and we continue to produce this monofilament at the rate of 90 lbs. per week – which calculates to be more than 65 million ft. Our new process tools and manufacturing equipment also allowed us to expand our capabilities and laid a foundation for an ongoing partnership with this customer.

If you would like to learn more about this project, or the processes we used to produce it, contact us today.

35 Micron Monofilament Project Highlights

Product Name: 35µ PFA Filament

Product Description: High purity filtration for semi-conductor manufacturing

Capabilities Applied/Processes:

  •  Primary: Continuous melt spinning extrusion

  •  Secondary: Drawing, annealing, zero tension take up, Bi-Conical spool traversing

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part: High nickel content extruder, All biconical plated or polyurethane godet and nip rolls, Specialized zero tension biconicals spool traversing take-up

Filament Diameter: 35µ (0.0014")

Tightest Tolerances: +/- 2µ (0.0001")

Material Used: Daikin AP-211SH High Purity PFA

Material Finish: Smooth and transparent

In process testing/inspection performed: Laser micrometer measurement, tensile, elongation, dry shrinkage

Industry for Use: Semi-conductor

Volume: 90 Lbs/Week (65 Million Ft)

Delivery/Turnaround Time: 3-4 Weeks

Delivery Location: Worldwide

Standards Met: ASTM: D1907, D2256, D2259