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Wire Coating Services


Epic Polymer Solutions uses their custom-designed equipment that provides constant tension and speed control to overcoat a wide variety of wire substrates, including fiberoptic, stainless steel, copper, gold, nickel, titanium, and even exotic metals. First, Epic wipes and straightens the wire in preparation for the coating process. Operating temperature ranges can go as high as 200° C on wire products whose diameters can be as fine as 0.004″ all the way up to .125″. Round wire (stranded and solid) as well as jackets, coils, and springs receive fluoropolymer, (PFA, FEP, ETFE and PVDF), LDPE, PP, and HDPE coatings—to name just a few—in Epic’s ISO compliant facility. Skilled at over coating wire for rugged conditions, Epic’s plenum rated wire products can withstand high temperatures and are inert to chemicals. High frequency data transmission cables (RF) can be produced from these wire coatings. Consistency in the product quality is made possible by Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) software to generate Structural Return Loss (SRL) data. Laser micrometer, online capacitance measurements and comparator instrumentation inspections compare all measured properties of the coated wire. Final documentation includes statistical summary and spool logging (min/max) reports. No wire coating is too complex for Epic Polymer; if we don’t have the tooling necessary, we will design and build it in our in-house machine shop. The unique products we manufacture require us to design and build almost all the equipment needed, and with a full-time design engineer supporting the machine shop, we can custom build equipment to meet any customer needs. Small volume to large production runs can be turned around in less than three weeks.

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