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Quality Control

At Epic Polymer Solutions, our success as a premier provider of extruded fluoropolymer monofilament is based in a culture of quality. Our entire staff is committed to delivering unsurpassed product consistency. To achieve a level of quality that can compete in the global market place requires the utilization of cutting edge manufacturing systems and a robust quality program. In 2018 we became ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Our facility is equipped with advanced high speed non-contact laser gauging systems that allows us to monitor and record every inch of insulated wire and filament we produce. The innovative systems utilize custom software that can measure multiple strands through a single gauge, allowing us to simultaneously chart outside diameter data and provide detailed statistical summary reports.

During the wire coating process, sophisticated sensors are used to collect data on wire as it enters the coating stream and after it’s been coated. With this we can obtain accurate capacitance data that can be logged and charted to quickly identify trends. This capability is augmented by the use of special Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and Structural Return Loss (SRL) software, which gives us the ability to quickly troubleshoot and eliminate potential repetitive fluctuations that may cause signal loss in the final cables. In addition, spectrographs of the SRL are recorded live and saved with every spool to preserve the history of the product, verifying repeatability and consistency from spool to spool.

Being committed to quality also means being committed to customer service. To accommodate the unique and ever changing needs of our customers, we operate a fully equipped machine shop and employ a team of highly experienced design engineers. Supported by 3D CAD and flow analysis software, we can develop custom automation, including all programming in-house. With this ability we can quickly modify, retrofit, or build custom equipment and custom tooling for new products or challenging requirements.